It’s Channukah!

Karen has two new Thanksgiving songs!
Listen Now to the Happy Thanksgiving Day
Listen Now to My Thanksgiving Song


Seventeen fun songs for your baby to ‘rock’ to! And a great baby gift! Favorites are ‘Splishy Splashy in the Bathy’ and ‘Bibbly Bibbly Boo!’ You and your baby will smile and laugh when hearing these catchy tunes. One educational song…’The Awesome 5 S’s’ is from Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, ‘The Happiest Baby on the Block’. Fun album for grandma’s house also!



SONG for your baby!

  1. Welcome to the World
  2. Hi My Baby, What do you See?
  3. Bibbly,Bibbly Boo
  4. Giggle Guy & Giggle Girl
  5. Ten Fingers and Ten Toes
  6. We All Love Our Baby
  7. Tummy Time
  8. Peeky Boo!
  9. Goodnight, My Sweetheart
  10. Splishy Splashy in the Bathy! (Tighten up spacing for list)
  11. I Will Always Love You
  12. Beep Beep Belly Button
  13. Baby, Baby, I Love You
  14. Happy
  15. Bouncy Bouncy on My Knee
  16. The Awesome 5 S’s
  17. Barrel of Surprises


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