From Generation to Generation

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From Generation to Generation

From Generation to Generation is a humorous and heartwarming musical about Rose Lieberman and her efforts to create an enduring and unique gift for her unborn granddaughter. This charming and vivacious Jewish woman is on a “mission” that affects everyone around her. Laugh and cry with Rose and her friends as she creates this beautiful legacy.

This touching production won the Omaha Theatre Arts Guilds 1996-’97 TAG award for Outstanding New Script. All songs were written by award-winning songwriter, Karen Sokolof Javitch and arranged by Chuck Penington, musical conductor for Mannheim Steamroller. Generation has been produced in many cities in the country, most recently in Tampa and Chicago.

Laugh and cry with Grandma Rose as she creates this beautiful legacy!

©2010 JMR Productions, LLC
Music by Karen Sokolof Javitch
Lyrics by Karen Sokolof Javitch & Joanie Jacobsen
Orchestrations by Chuck Penington

    ACT I  
1 Overture 3:42
2 Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel & Leah 2:13
3 From Generation to Generation 3:30
4 Sabbath Prayer 1:44
5 Soldier Song 2:45
6 Goin’ On A Mission! 4:38
7 We’re All Going To Israel! 3:08
8 One Day 4:05
9 I Love To Kvetch 3:22
  ACT II  
10 Entr’acte 2:02
11 Golda! 3:20
12 Ani L’Dodi — The Wedding Song 5:12
13 Life Was Simple Then 3:03
14 Convert’s Lament 3:13
15 Once Upon A Time 3:07
16 So Quickly 2:52
17 Light of Torah 2:09
18 “Generation” Reprise 2:03
19 Life Was Simple Then –The Rock Version 3:57