Songs to help you cope with your Divorce
“Movin’ To the Beat!" will get you on your feet and you'll have  fun doing it!
Identical triplets, Mandy, Missy and Erin Maynard show off their talents on their first album.
A CD with 13 original and nostalgic songs written after September 11th.
SURPRISE! the Musical, is Karen’s fourth musical and inludes 22 songs with a wide variety of styles, including Karen’s forte – showtunes.
These songs tell the story of the romance between Diana and Charles.
Karen has created a lively album of Jewish holiday and lifecycle songs that are perfect for school musical productions.
This is the cast recording of 19 original songs from the musical with the same name.
Songs dedicated to celebrities Michael Jackson, Kardiashians, Patrick Swayze, and more.
Benefit CD for the Nebraska Foundation for Visually Impaired Children.
Karen wrote the 16 songs to this fun, 1950's musical!
Romantic and fun songs for 2 men getting married.
Romantic and fun songs for 2 women getting married.
Kalediscope of Kids
For Ages 5 to 105. Fourteen of Karen's original songs which will make you laugh, sing and rock out! All ages will love these catchy and fun songs written by this award-winning songwriter.
You're Matherrific
Fun Math Songs for Grades 1-6.