Great Kids Songs by Karen Sokolof Javitch” TV Commercial
Suddenly We’re 60
Shake it for NObesity
It’s a Steve Jobs’ World
I’m Gonna Fly – Dani Burr
His Name was Freedom – Cory Sanchez
There was a Time – Maynard Triplets
I Don’t Need Him – Erin Maynard
My Metrosexual Kind of Guy
To Warren Buffet – The Oracle of Omaha Dani Burr – Karen Javitch
Patrick Swayze Tribute
Friends – Erin Maynard
Remembering Princess Diana
William and Kate’s Royal Wedding Song
Blessed with Multiples – Octomom Song
He’s Such a Man! to Kanye West and Taylor Swift
His Name was Freedom – Maynard Triplets
Michael Jackson Tribute – It’s Been a Long Journey Home
Karen’s Medley
There was a Time – Erin Maynard
I Feel a Song Comin’ On
Octomom Song: She’s The Octomom!
His Name Was Freedom
Obama’s Babe
Metrosexual Kind of Guy
Princess Diana Tribute
Octomom – Here In The Nursery! Octuplets Song