Going Through the Big D

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Over the course of many years, I’ve written many songs about love lost, survival and
having a positive outlook on life. When I went through my divorce, I decided that there
needs to be a CD for women to help them go through this major adjustment in their lives.
So I took some of my love songs and combined them with my survival songs and added 3
new humorous songs to come up with this unique CD. I don’t think there is another CD like it
and it will make a great gift. Hopefully, it will help women who have gone through a divorce
to know that they are not alone!

©2012 JMR Productions

Music & Lyrics by Karen Sokolof Javitch

Orchestrations by Chuck Penington


01 There was a Time * 3:45
02 What will my new life be like…after the d-i-v-o-r-c-e? 3:12
03 I Don’t Need Him 3:58
04 Charles, I need Help Please * 3:38
05 The Fairy Tale is Over * 3:24
06 I’m Sorry (not) 3:47
07 I’m Fat, I’m Ugly and I’m.. 3:00
It’s so hard. but……..
08 I’ll Survive You! 3:34
09 We must Have Done Something Right * 3:27
10 There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea 4:22
11 For Once! * 3:15
Find Something You Love – NOT a guy!
12 I Love to Sweat! 3:15
13 I’m Gonna Fly! 3:15
14 I Feel a Song Comin’ On 3:15
15 Friends 3:15
16 My Music 3:15
Moving Forward!
17 Hope in My Heart * 3:15
18 I’m Not the Woman that I Used to Be 3:15