Who Knows One

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Who Knows One?- Fun Songs for Jewish Kids and Teens

Karen has created a lively album of Jewish holiday, Values and Life Cycle songs that could easily be incorporated into a musical production for schools, camps, or Jewish communal events. Judy Rubin- Educational Director of Beth El

©2009 JMR Productions
All songs, music and lyrics by Karen Sokolof-Javitch.

All orchestrations by Chuck Penington.

01 Who Knows One? 3:02
02 When do we Eat Lotsa Matzah? 1:27
03 We’re All Going to Israel! 1:47
04 I’m Having a Bat Mitzvah 4:24
05 It’s Channukah! 2:19
06 The Purim Song 2:47
07 Noah 1:01
08 I’m Not the little Kid I Used to Be 1:21
09 Happy New Year! L’Shana Tovah! 2:43
10 Tzedakah Today! 1:09
11 Golda! 3:15
12 Light of Torah 2:14
13 From Generation to Generation 2:47